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Section - Age and citizenship qualifications of electors. Section - Residency, registration and poll tax requirements for electors. Section - Method of voting. Section - Persons qualified to register as electors Prior to December 20, Section - Same After January 1, Section - Certain persons disqualified from registering and voting.

Section - Qualifications as elector required to participate in primary elections, party conventions, mass meetings or other methods of political party action. Section - Applicability of article as to elections held after general election. Section - Oath or affirmation when vote challenged; false oath or affirmation constitutes perjury. Section - Legislature to provide for registration procedure after January 1, ; procedure for registration prior to January 1, Section - County board of registrars to furnish list of registered voters to judges of probate by February 1, ; judges of probate to file list with secretary of state by March 1, ; term for which registration valid; certificate of registratio Section - Certain information to be furnished prior to registration.

Section - Testimony may be required of any person other than defendant in trials of contested elections, proceedings to investigate elections and criminal prosecutions under election laws; immunity from prosecution due to testimony given. Section - Duty of legislature to pass laws regulating elections, primary elections and purging of registration lists.

Recorder Offices

Section - Protection against evils of intoxicating liquors at elections. Section - Electors immune from arrest going to, attending and returning from elections. Section - Returns of elections for certain officials to be made to secretary of state. Section - Poll tax Amount; maximum age for payment; when due and payable; when delinquent; returns of collections to be separate from other collections. Section - Same Payment of tax of another; advance of money for payment in order to influence vote. Section - Severability of article.

Article IX Representation. Section - Ratio of senators to representatives. Section - Maximum number of members of house of representatives; apportionment of house based on decennial census of United States.

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Section - Duty of legislature to fix number of representatives and apportion them among counties following each decennial census; each county entitled to at least one representative. Section - Duty of legislature to fix number of senators and divide state into senatorial districts; equality of senatorial districts; senatorial districts not to be changed until next apportioning session; division of counties between senatorial dist Section - State may provide for enumeration of inhabitants for purpose of apportionment of representatives and senators. Section - Initial apportionment of house of representatives.

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  5. Section - Initial apportionment of senatorial districts. Article X Exemptions. Section - Personal property of value of one thousand dollars exempt from sale, execution or other process of court issued for collection of debt. Section - Homestead not exceeding eighty acres or city, town or village lot not exceeding two thousand dollars in value exempt from sale, execution or other process of court issued for collection of debt; exception as to mortgages.

    Section - Homestead of family exempt from payments of debt after death of owner during minority of children. Section - Laborers' liens and mechanics' liens not barred by sections and Section - Homestead exempt upon death of owner, leaving widow, but no children. Section - Property rights of females; property of wife not liable for debts, etc. Section - Waiver of right of exemption.

    Article XI Taxation. Section - Property taxes to be assessed in exact proportion to value of property. Section - Power to levy taxes not to be delegated. Section - Creation of state debt after ratification of Constitution; temporary loans; refunding bonds for existing indebtedness. Section - Limitation on state property tax rate. Section - Limitation on county property tax rates; special county taxes for public buildings, bridges and roads. Section - Limitation on property tax rates of municipal corporations. Section - Property of private corporations, associations and individuals to be taxed at same rate; exception as to religious, educational and charitable property.

    Section - Counties and municipal corporations exempt from payment of charges payable from state treasury. Section - Estate taxes. Article XII Corporations. Article Municipal Corporations. Section - Consent of municipal corporation prerequisite to use of public property for public utility or private enterprise purposes.

    Section - Payment of state license tax, etc. Section - Issuance of bonds by counties, municipal corporations, districts and other political subdivisions of counties. Section - Limitation on assessments for public improvements by municipal corporations. Section - Limitation on county indebtedness.

    Etowah County, Alabama

    Section - Indebtedness of municipal corporations Limitation; exception as to Sheffield and Tuscumbia. Section - Same Municipal corporations whose present indebtedness exceeds constitutional limitation; exception as to Sheffield and Tuscumbia. Section - Liability of public utilities in municipal corporations for damages to abutting property owners. Section - Maximum term of public utility franchises in cities and towns having population of six thousand or more.

    Etowah County, Alabama Assessor's Office

    Article Private Corporations. Section - Special laws conferring corporate powers prohibited; general law as to grant or amendment of corporate charters; corporation franchise taxes to be paid; exemption of benevolent, educational or religious corporations from franchise taxes.

    Hunting Tract - 113+/- Acres - Etowah County, AL

    Section - Cancellation of certain corporate charters. Section - Limitation on remitting forfeiture of corporate charters. Section - Foreign corporations doing business in state.

    Alabama Taxation

    Section - Corporations restricted to business authorized by charter. Section - Restrictions on issuance of corporate stock and bonds. Section - Taking of property for public use by municipal and other corporations. Section - Security for dues from private corporations; liability of stockholders. Section - Issuance of preferred stock by corporations. Section - Authority of legislature to revoke charters of incorporation.

    Section - Telegraph and telephone companies. Section - Corporations may sue and be sued like natural persons. Section - "Corporation" defined. Article Railroads and Canals. Section - When railroads and canals deemed public highways; railroad and canal companies; common carriers; rights of railroad companies generally. Section - Regulation of railroad companies vested in legislature. Section - Giving free passes or discount tickets to members of legislature or officers exercising judicial functions. Section - Railroad companies not to give rebates or bonuses in nature thereof; deceiving or misleading public as to rates.

    Section - Acceptance of article prerequisite to benefits of future legislation. Section - Authority of legislature restricted. Section - Banking laws to be general; specie basis; authority of banks to issue bills to circulate as money. Section - Bills or notes issued as money redeemable in gold or silver; laws not to sanction suspension of specie payments. Section - Preference of certain creditors in case of insolvency of bank. Section - Termination of business. Section - Maximum rate of interest.

    Section - State and political subdivisions thereof not to be stockholders in banks or lend credit thereto. Section - Examination of banks by public officers; semiannual reports by banks. Section - Applicability of article. Article XIV Education. Section Section - Duty of legislature to establish and maintain public school system; apportionment of public school fund; separate schools for white and colored children. Section - Principal from sale, etc. Section - Property donated or appropriated for educational purposes and estates of persons dying without will or heirs to be applied to maintenance of public schools.

    Section - Use of poll taxes for support of public schools. Section - Certain income to be applied to support and maintenance of public schools; special annual tax for schools; maximum annual levy on taxable property; priority for payment of bonded indebtedness of state. Section - Percentage of school funds for teachers' salaries. Section - Supervision of public schools vested in superintendent of education.

    Section - School funds not to be used for support of sectarian or denominational schools. Section - Board of trustees of state university. Section - Annual payment of interest on funds of University of Alabama; authority to abolish military system at university. Section - Board of trustees of Alabama Polytechnic Institute. Section - Provision for taking school census. Section - Special county school taxes.

    Tax Sale List

    Section - Applicability of article to Mobile county.